When You Arrive


Box Office and Will Call:

  • The onsite box office at Edgefield opens at 3 pm
  • The box office is located in a tent at the main concert entrance, just outside the east end of the Hotel.
  • Will call tickets are held at this location and, if applicable, tickets for the show may be purchased here.

Gate Times and Entry:

  • Gates to the venue open at 5 pm *Please note: Gates may open early as determined day of show.
  • Lines for entry may not form before 7 am the day of show (no overnight camping in line.)
  • Line cutting is not allowed.  Violators will be moved to the back of the line.
  • We will have a separate entrance for those who have Reserved Seating tickets. Your chair on the lawn in the Reserved section is already assigned, so there’s no need to arrive early to stand in line with those who have General Admission tickets.
  • For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, all guests and their personal possessions are subject to an inspection prior to admittance into the venue. See Safety and Security below.
  • Re-entry to the venue will not be allowed for any event unless otherwise noted.

Other Things to Note:

  • The venue accepts cash and credit cards. There are ATMs available both inside the Edgefield hotel and within the concert venue itself.
  • Outside food and beverages (other than sealed or empty water bottles) are not allowed in the venue. A variety of food and beverages, including McMenamins handcrafted ales, wines and spirits, are available for purchase inside the amphitheater. See the food & drink menu for more details.

Safety and Security:

Metal Detectors: All gates at the concerts are fitted with security detectors. Prior to going through the metal detectors all fans should place cell phones and key rings into the bowls provided or place them into their own bag which will still be subject to search. See bag policy here.

Fans are not required to remove:

  • Coats and Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Belts
  • Wallets

Metal detectors are safe for all to go through, including those with implanted medical devices. If a guest chooses not to use the metal detector, they will be subject to hand-held wand screening or a full-body pat-down prior to admittance into the venue. For those fans with metal implants, a supplemental screening may be required for safety reasons.

If you are unable to go through a metal detector, or have special medical needs, please contact us as soon as possible prior to the show so that we can make the necessary arrangements for a security employee to perform an individual screening, with respect and minimal inconvenience. Please understand there may be a delay if we must coordinate this on the day of the show.

Please note the following recommendations:

Arrive Early – We suggest you arrive early, enjoy the property and please allow ample time to enter the venue.

Pack Lightly – Concert attendees are encouraged to avoid bringing any bag, if feasible.  If you do need to bring a bag, you can read our Bag Policy here.

Be Patient – We will do our best to get everyone through the lines as quickly as possible, but be prepared for enhanced security measures and inspection.

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